Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Army Launches Acquisition Review

US Army Launches Acquisition Review
May 26, 2010

The Department of the Army announced today that it is launching a detailed, comprehensive review of its acquisition organizations, policies, workforce and processes, including how it acquires and manages equipment.

The study, commissioned by Secretary of the Army John McHugh, is intended to examine the full range of acquisition practices - from requirements to funding to management and oversight of key acquisition programs. The analysis will build upon progress made in acquisition reform following the 2009 implementation of the Weapons Systems Acquisition Reform Act and will identify areas for growth, improved efficiencies and cost savings. The assessment will also incorporate lessons learned from eight years of war that often included non-traditional acquisition processes.

A primary goal of this effort is to provide a plan for near-term actions that will improve the effectiveness of the Army acquisition process. The study will look at key acquisition processes such as Department of Defense (DoD) 5000 series documents, rapid acquisition processes, technology development and testing.

The Army review is taking place simultaneously with a DoD-led examination of acquisition challenges and opportunities, and will include an assessment of recent relevant studies and laws, including those articulated by the 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review and the Gansler Commission Report on expeditionary contracting.

This Army assessment will be conducted by an independent panel co-chaired by the Gil Decker, a former Army acquisition executive, and retired Army Gen. Lou Wagner, who once served as the Army deputy chief of staff for research, development and acquisition, and later as commander of the Army Materiel Command.

The 120-day study will provide interim status updates at the direction of the secretary of the Army.

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