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Northrop Grumman Announces Media Briefings At 2010 Farnborough International Airshow

Northrop Grumman Announces Media Briefings At 2010 Farnborough International Airshow
July 13, 2010

Northrop Grumman Corporation will participate in a series of media briefings during the 2010 Farnborough International Airshow. The company will highlight a wide variety of its programs and capabilities including unmanned aircraft system, defense electronics, logistics, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

Specific information on each briefing is available from the listed media contacts below. Additional details of Northrop Grumman airshow activities can be found on the company's online media kit at http://www.northropgrumman.com/farnborough which contains regularly updated information, briefing schedules, news releases and program news. Requests for general information on the company's airshow activities should be directed to Ken Beedle, Director International Communications, Northrop Grumman, ken.beedle@euro.ngc.com.

What: Northrop Grumman Media Briefings
When: See specific times below. All times local
Where: Northrop Grumman Media Centre (except as noted)
+44 (0) 125 241 3825

Date Topic Speaker(s) Media Contact
Mon. F-16 Relevant Tim Winter, VP, Katie Lamb-Heinz
July 19 Operational Global Sensor (847) 815-0755
10 a.m. Capability and Solutions, katie.lamb@ngc.com
Affordable Northrop Grumman
Sustainment. This Electronic
briefing will Systems
explore the
challenges faced
by legacy F-16
fleets worldwide
and Northrop
Grumman's unique
role in preserving
relevance and
sustainment over
the next 30 years.
Also discussed
will be how the
F-16 operates as
a `bridge to the
F-35' and the
advent of AESA
technology in the
fighter world.

Mon. Unmanned Systems. Gene Fraser, Nathan Drevna
July 19 Northrop Grumman sector VP, (571) 286-8440
11 a.m. is the leader in Northrop Grumman nathan.drevna@ngc.com
unmanned systems Aerospace
- in the air, on Systems
the ground, on
the sea and under
the sea - and
will discuss new
developments in
its portfolio of
unmanned programs.

Mon. RQ-4 / Global Ed Walby, Nathan Drevna
July 19 Hawk. Global Hawk director, (571) 286-8440
Noon recently logged Business nathan.drevna@ngc.com
its 42,000th Development,
flight hour of High Altitude,
which more than Long-Endurance
32,000 hours were Systems,
flown in combat Northrop Grumman
with 95 percent Aerospace
mission effective- Systems
ness, providing
customers with
reliable and
flexible intell-
igence, survei-
llance and recon-
naissance. This
overview will
cover these and
other recent

Tue. F-5 Worldwide Richard Raiford, Dave Apt
July 20 Sustainment Team. director, Market (703) 508-6466
10 a.m. Northrop Grumman Development, david.apt@ngc.com
and teammates Northrop Grumman
RUAG Aviation and Technical
Astronautics will Services
summarize their
recently announced Walter Paukner,
"Ultimate Tiger general manager,
Team" approach to Jets & Missiles,
providing global RUAG Aviation
sustainment for
F-5 aircraft. Daniel Wade,
vice president,

Tue. Fire Scout Mike Fuqua, Nathan Drevna
July 20 Overview and manager, (571) 286-8440
11 a.m. Program Update. Business nathan.drevna@ngc.com
An update on the Development,
U.S. Navy's MQ-8B MQ-8B Fire Scout
Fire Scout Program,
Vertical Takeoff Northrop Grumman
and Landing Aerospace
Tactical UAV Systems
system, which is

Wed. Euro Hawk(R) - Jim Kohn, Nathan Drevna
July 21 After completing Euro Hawk(R) (571) 286-8440
10 a.m. its first flight program director, nathan.drevna@ngc.com
on June 29, 2010, Northrop Grumman
the Euro Hawk(R)
will begin flight
tests at Edwards
Air Force Base.
Following its
ferry flight to
Germany early
next year and full
system testing
with the EADS
mission system,
Euro Hawk(R) will
provide the German
armed forces with
a state-of-
(SIGINT) system.
This briefing will
provide the
details of the
first flight, the
upcoming testing
at Edwards, and
an overview of
the Euro Hawk(R)

Wed. DIRCM Transmitter Steve Mogford, Katie Lamb-Heinz
July 21 Presentation to CEO, SELEX (847) 815-0755
2:30 p.m. the Royal Air Galileo katie.lamb@ngc.com
Force (RAF) Museum
Chalet SELEX Galileo and Jim Pitts,
1430 Northrop Grumman president,
Finme- will present Peter Northrop Grumman
ccanica Dye, Director Electronic
General of the RAF Systems
Museum, with a
DIRCM transmitter
previously flown
on a RAF aircraft
to mark the 15th
anniversary of the
U.K. Ministry of
Defence develop-
ment contract
undertaken by the
two companies to
develop and
produce the first
ever, life-saving
technology widely
used on RAF
aircraft in combat
today. During this
presentation an
announcement will
also be made
concerning the
SELEX Galileo /
Northrop Grumman
team's new
program taking
aircraft self-
equipment to the
next generation.



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