Sunday, October 17, 2010

Netherlands Industries for Defence and Security (NIDV) in its Holland Pavilion proudly presents the 'Naval novelties of The Netherlands industries'

At the occasion of Euronaval 2010 the Netherlands Industries for Defence and Security (NIDV) in its Holland Pavilion proudly presents the 'Naval novelties of The Netherlands industries' under the common orange banner of 'HOLLAND, Acting Smart'.

Why we value smartness
Being a mid sized nation with naval traditions located in a pocket format river delta area has it advantages. Ongoing innovation is stimulated by the sophistication of a dense network of naval suppliers. Being the smallest country worldwide with a formal policy towards any other nation on this planet our Royal Netherlands Navy is frequently involved in international operations. With low cost networks of anonymous enemies over the globe and a demanding Navy at hand our industry is stimulated to durable and cost effective solutions. Therefore it aims at using smart integration to facilitate smaller teams and agility in operations. The early presence of oil refining industries in our river delta has lead to a world leading position in advanced materials. The history of high-tech electronics industries and systems integration shaped a good starting position in the technological trend of miniaturization. Add to this mixture the stimulating presence of surrounding large countries using power policies and you understand our quite neutral position. Also, nearby countries financially sponsor their shipbuilding industries and politically sponsor their naval industries, you will understand that Acting Smart has become our trade mark in surviving as the fittest, with special emphasis on small solutions & cost effectiveness over a life cycle. The density of the naval network consists of companies with a history of supplying and sustaining components for mission critical naval environments as well as organizations that have the capability to design or produce integrated platforms.

Strengthening security
Above smartness in innovation and the capability to produce at high quality for naval environments is achieved in key application areas where urgent international operational needs are encountered by our industries strengths:
A) Sensors and electronics against stealthy enemies in ocean wide environments;
B) Applying advanced materials for harsh marine or hostile naval environments;
C) Smart integration for smaller teams;
D) Durable systems for critical missions to enhance cost-effectiveness over life cycle.

More elaborate presentations can be given by enlisted companies who are present at NIDV Holland Pavilion at Euronaval in Paris, booth E9.

Euronaval is the worlds 2nd largest naval event and it will take place from the 25th until the 29th of October in Paris.

Location: Le Bourget, Paris Nord, Paris.

Kind regards,

Drs. Marc Soeteman

About NIDV
The Netherlands Industries for Defence & Security (NIDV) is a non-profit membership association. Serving as the voice of the Dutch defence & security industry it assists Dutch companies and research institutes in The Netherlands and around the world. The 200+ members represent well over 90% of the added value in the Netherlands. The NIDV members supply products and services to government agencies and contractors worldwide. Funded by our members we can assist foreign candidates and contractors - free of charge - with their upcoming or pending offset obligations and other industrial participation programs. The NIDV was originated in 1984 by The Ministries of Defence, Economic and Foreign Affairs. NIDV is the portal to the defence and security business in The Netherlands.

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