Monday, April 28, 2008

Denis Ranque, Chairman and CEO of Thales, reorganises his team

Denis Ranque, Chairman and CEO of Thales, reorganises his team
16th April 2008

Denis Ranque, Chairman and CEO of Thales, has announced the reorganisation of his team in order to reinforce the international organisation and foster transversality in the Group.
The key objectives are to adjust the international organisation of the Group to increase export sales, to develop its activities and visibility in existing "multi-domestic countries", to significantly reinforce its presence in emerging countries, to strengthen its key European partnerships and to optimise its relationship with large international institutions (EU, European Space Agency, NATO). Furthermore, it is important to optimise its Security and Services activities across the Group.

Following these changes, Jean-Paul Perrier, Executive Vice President, International Organisation, and Chairman of Thales International, is appointed Vice Chairman of the Group. He will deputize for Denis Ranque, in particular in representing the Group vis à vis key customers. Denis Ranque wants to congratulate him for the outstanding contribution he has made to the development of the Group on the international markets.

Three geographical areas are created:
The first area includes the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia. It will continue to be managed by Alex Dorrian.
The second area consolidates Continental Europe including France, and Turkey, Russia and Central Asia. It will be managed by Bruno Rambaud who will also take responsibility for relations with European Union, NATO and European industrial partners.
The third area will include Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America. It will be managed by Alexandre de Juniac.
At a Group level, Olivier Houssin, Executive Vice President, in addition to his role as Head of the Security Solutions and Services division, will take extended responsibility for coordination of transverse activities of the Group in Security and Services.
The following appointments are also announced:

Richard Deakin will be appointed SVP, Air Systems division, and will succeed to Alexandre de Juniac. He was previously in charge of Aerospace in the UK.
Jean-Paul Lepeytre will be appointed SVP, Corporate Operations, and will succeed to Reynald Seznec. His was previously SVP, Deputy Director of the Security Solutions and Services division.
Reynald Seznec will be appointed SVP, Space Division, and will succeed to Pascale Sourisse. He was previously SVP, Operations.
Pascale Sourisse will be appointed SVP, Land & Joint Systems division, and will succeed to Bruno Rambaud. She was previously SVP, Space division.
The members of the new Thales Executive Committee will be:

Denis Ranque: Chairman and CEO
Jean-Paul Perrier: Vice Chairman
Alex Dorrian: EVP, North America, Australia, United Kingdom. CEO, Thales UK.
Olivier Houssin: EVP, Security and Services
Alexandre de Juniac: EVP, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America.
Bruno Rambaud: EVP, Continental Europe, Turkey, Russia, Central Asia
Richard Deakin: SVP, Air Systems
Jean-Georges Malcor: SVP, Naval
François Quentin: SVP, Aerospace
Reynald Seznec: SVP, Space
Pascale Sourisse: SVP, Land & Joint Systems
Yves Barou: SVP, Human Resources
Sylvie Dumaine: SVP, Corporate Communications
Patrice Durand: SVP, Finance and Administration
Jean-Paul Lepeytre: SVP, Operations
Jean-Loup Picard: SVP, Strategy, Research & Technology
All appointments will be effective May 1st 2008.

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