Thursday, August 28, 2008

India Chief of Army Staff visit to UK

India Chief of Army Staff visit to UK
15:55 IST
Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor, is undertaking a four days tour to UK from 01 to 04 September 2008.

India shares good bilateral and strategic relations with UK that are multifaceted and have been strengthened over the years with regular exchange of visits at political, diplomatic and military levels. A strong bilateral relationship is of priority for both countries for economic and commercial, historical and foreign policy reasons and large Indian diaspora in UK. The visit by the COAS will add the necessary impetus to the existing defence relationship and broad-base it into a mutually beneficial partnership.

Our relations in the field of defence with UK have graduated from military cooperation to comprehensive defence comprehensive defence cooperation, to include courses, training for UN Peacekeeping Operations, joint training cum exercises in the fields of counter terrorism including employment of Special Forces, Mechanised Forces operations and exchange of observers on each others’ Army exs etc.

During his visit, the COAS will be interaction with the senior military and civilian defence hierarchy and will discuss various defence related issues to strengthen existing defence ties with UK. The COAS will be visiting Royal School of Artillery at Larkhill, Defence Academy at Shrivenham, Land Warfare Centre in Salisbury plains, Edinburgh Castle in Scotland and National Army Museum. During his visit to Land Warfare Centre, General Deepak Kapoor will witness the training and preparation of Indian Mechanised Company which will be participating in a first ever joint training cum exercise on mechanized operations overseas with UK Land Warfare Centre Battle Gp (LWC BG) from 27 Aug – 26 Sep 2008.. This exercise is a reciprocal engagement to an earlier exercise carried out in High Altitude areas of India in end 07 between Indian paratroopers and Royal Marines..


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