Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Russian military deployment into Georgia is (stylistically) nothing new

Few surprises that the Russian strategy for employing military force in Georgia was started whilst the world's attention was focused on the Olympics being held in Beijing, China.

One only has to look at the Russian (Soviet) to invade Afghanistan on Christmas Day 1979 in order to see the canny choice of dates when attention is focused elsewhere.

The operation clearly was prepared, logistically supported and had accurate intelligence - all of which points to a careful build-up employing 'Maskirova' - given the lack of comment in Washington and other Western capitals at the time. The Russians successfully used the time old trick of military exercises ("Caucasus 2008") acting as the jumping-off point to invasion.

It would appear thus far, that the Russian military also have learned from recent Western experience of military operations in the media age - get the mission completed before the journalists have had ample time to reach the front lines and report back home.

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