Thursday, September 18, 2008

Raytheon Awarded $10 million to Develop New Missile Defense Interceptor

Raytheon Awarded $10 million to Develop New Missile Defense Interceptor

TUCSON, Ariz., Sept. 18, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) has been awarded a $10 million Missile Defense Agency contract to continue research and development of the Network Centric Airborne Defense Element.

NCADE is an air-launched weapon system designed to engage short- and medium-range ballistic missiles in the boost and ascent phase of flight.

"NCADE fills a critical niche in the Ballistic Missile Defense system and provides a revolutionary, low-cost approach to interceptor development and acquisition," said Mike Booen, Raytheon Missile Systems vice president of Advanced Missile Defense. "The ballistic missile threat is increasing rapidly. Raytheon is committed to getting NCADE to the warfighter as quickly as possible."

The NCADE interceptor leverages many proven components and technologies, including the aerodynamic design, aircraft interface and flight control system of Raytheon's Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile. The commonality with AMRAAM enables the warfighter to launch NCADE from a wide variety of aircraft, including smaller unmanned aerial vehicles.

NCADE also leverages proven imaging infrared seeker components from existing Raytheon production programs, which enables a potentially rapid development and fielding path.

Note to Editors:
On Dec. 3, 2007, Raytheon Company flight tested a key component of the NCADE missile defense system with the intercept of a test ballistic missile. The test at White Sands Missile Range, N.M., demonstrated the NCADE infrared seeker's ability to acquire and track a ballistic missile target in the boost phase of flight.

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