Monday, April 19, 2010

Raytheon Installs Frost Protection System in Canadian Vineyard

Raytheon Installs Frost Protection System in Canadian Vineyard
April 19, 2010

TEWKSBURY, Mass., -- A Canadian horticulture research center has contracted with Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) to install a prototype microwave frost protection system at its Ontario vineyard.

Tempwave™ is a Raytheon-developed system that uses low-level microwave radiant heat to prevent frost damage to crops. Microwave energy is transmitted from towers located in an orchard or vineyard changing the energy balance that slows cooling to prevent freeze damage.

"The agreement leverages Raytheon's expertise in radio frequency applications with the Canadian research center's mandate to introduce innovative horticulture technologies," said Lee Silvestre, vice president for Mission Innovation at Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems. Mission Innovation is charged with exploring and applying Raytheon technical expertise to address global challenges outside Raytheon's traditional core business interests in defense, homeland security and other government markets.

The Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Ontario, Canada, is a center for horticultural research and innovation whose charter includes commercializing and delivering new technologies to market.

"This new prototype technology will help ensure Ontario vineyards and orchards are protected when temperatures fall below freezing and jeopardize tender fruit and grape production," said Dr. Jim Brandle, the center's chief executive. "Our partnership with Raytheon is a new chapter in Vineland's on-going research to protect Canada's food supply."

The contract calls for Raytheon to install a prototype system in the center's vineyard, prepare it for operation, and support initial testing during a four-month period. It is part of a working agreement for each party to contribute its expertise to test and market the system worldwide.

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