Thursday, October 30, 2008

Army Commanders Conference 2008 Commenced

Army Commanders Conference 2008 Commenced

October 30 2008 -- Commanders’ Conference in the Armed Forces is a biennial activity, with the first set of conferences being held normally in April and the second set in Oct-Nov every year. This is the second set of conferences in the year 2008, which is commenced from today and will conclude on 04 Nov 08.

Besides one day, ie, 01 Nov, being earmarked for the combined Commanders’ Conference, the other four days have been earmarked for the Army Commanders’ Conference. The Army commanders Conference be chaired by General Deepak Kapoor, the Chief of Army Staff.

The four-day event is meant to be an intense intellectual exercise in deliberating upon various issues at the military strategic and operational levels, During the conference, the Army Chief with the Army commanders, will take stock of the national security environment with the view to appropriately aligning own efforts and initiative, where required.

The conference would also review progress on decisions taken during the previous Army Commanders’ Conference. In addition, other important issues which are expected to be deliberated upon are :-

• Scope of exploiting tunneling technology for developing hardened shelters for storage of critical equipment and other war-fighting assets.

• Audit and effective management of Defence Land.

• Measures for maximizing responsiveness of the Military Engineering Service (MES).

• Optimising of Human Resource Capital to enhance specialist Service needs and capabilities.

• Improvements in content and conduct of Basic and Advanced military training of PBOR recruits to meet the challenges of emerging battlefield environment.

• Modalities for optimizing implementation of the Part 2 of AV Singh Committee report.

The Conference will also provide an opportunity for interaction of the Army Commanders and the Principal Staff Officers with the key officials of the Ministry of Defence.

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