Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Sonar 2076 contract for Astute Boat 4

New Sonar 2076 contract for Astute Boat 4
28 October 2008

Thales UK has been awarded an important contract to supply the Sonar 2076 System for Astute Boat 4, Audacious, at the BAE Systems shipyard in Barrow-in-Furness.

The Thales contract is for a complete sonar system, comprising both inboard and outboard of Bow, Fin, Intercept and Flank Arrays and the associated inboard processing. The total value of this contract now stands at more than £18 million.

The principal work will be undertaken at the UK sites of Cheadle Heath and Templecombe and Brest in northwest France.

Further deferred options are identified within the contract such as the Thin Flank Array and other options with key exercise dates. Close work continues with BAE Systems to place these on contract.

This latest contract success continues the evolution of Sonar 2076 with the inclusion of the new open Stage 5 design and the new Thin Flank Array currently in a demonstrator phase. It introduces new cabinets, consoles and processing, which will be common across all of the combat system equipments and is a major step towards the Common Combat System.

David Shepherd, General Manager Underwater Systems Ltd & Vice President Submarine Systems within Thales's Naval division, said: "This contract brings together the two major developments we have been working on for the past three years in the submarine business - Thin Flank Array and Stage 5 Inboard Processing, and as such is a significant milestone for the company and the UK submarine enterprise."

"It reflects the hard work and dedication of our teams in Cheadle and Templecombe and also the support and cooperation we have received from BAE Systems and the MoD."

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