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Network-based defence in practice

Network-based defence in practice
Publicerad: 2008-11-04 14:14

On 24-25 September 2008, FMV, the Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish Emergency Management Agency and NATO have invited representatives from NATO, the industry, the police, the rescue services and government agencies to attend a live technical experiment involving Network Enabled Capability, which is a service-based concept for information exchange.

Swedish civilian and military actors, and NATO, will carry out a joint trial in the efficient sharing of important information during an emergency. The development of this concept is in line with the government’s ambition to create common principles for electronic information exchange between government agencies.

Since 1999, FMV and the Swedish Armed Forces have been working to develop military systems for information exchange in accordance with NEC. The ambition is that all systems procured in the future will be standardised.

Following a request from the NC3 Board within NATO, FMV and the Swedish Armed Forces have agreed to a joint experiment and to showing the result in practice, for the first time. It is important to create an understanding of NEC and its possibilities.

“For FMV, the demonstration is a good opportunity to show how far we have got in the LedsystT project, which supplies the technical solution, and also to show that the technology is now ready. The collaboration with NATO will further allow us to demonstrate that the Swedish network concept is interoperable, and not a uniquely Swedish, separate solution,” explains Mats Eriksson, FMV’s project manager for the experiment.

The Swedish Emergency Management Agency was contacted in connection with NATO’s request, as the results are equally applicable for actors in the emergency management system. For this reason, civil systems being developed as part of the Emergency Management Agency’s activities at Security Arena in Lindholmen will be part of the demonstration.

The experiment will point to new possibilities for civil and military organisations, both inside and outside Sweden, to share information and services in an emergency situation. Close cooperation between actors will create the conditions for fast, coordinated and well-founded decisions.

The demonstration will be shown live at the Armed Forces Development Centre in Enköping, and carried out at Göteborg Garrison. The demonstration is based on a scenario involving security at a summit in Göteborg.

A series of events that highlight NEC will be played out. An airplane will fly in over the area without permission. A boat will arrive in the harbour. A truck will release a noxious gas cloud into the area. A number of units from the police, the rescue services, and civilian and military units will be on hand to act in the scenario. (The police will be there with command vehicles, as will the rescue services and the armed forces.)

Both days will feature the same programme: the experiment will be held in the mornings, while the afternoons will be dedicated to seminars and discussions.

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