Monday, June 29, 2009

Northrop Grumman to Honor Longest-Tenured Employee

Northrop Grumman to Honor Longest-Tenured Employee
June 29, 2009

Jerry Huben Joined Company One Month Before 1941 Pearl Harbor Attack

Event: Retirement Party for Northrop Grumman's Jerry Huben

When: Tuesday, June 30, 2009, 11:00 a.m.

Where: Proud Bird Restaurant
11022 Aviation Blvd.
Westchester, Calif., 90045

Details: Members of the news media are invited to the retirement party for Jerry Huben, Northrop Grumman's longest-tenured employee who started his engineering career 68 years ago, two years after the company was founded.

Huben joined the Northrop Aircraft Co. on Nov. 10, 1941. Less than one month later, Pearl Harbor was attacked, plunging the United States into World War II.

Over nearly seven decades, Huben, 88, has made significant contributions to aircraft that span the evolution from propeller-driven planes to the stealthy, jet-powered designs of today. Among them are the P-61, the XB-35 and XB-49 flying wings, F-89, T-38, F-5, F-20, YF-17, YF-23, and the B-2 stealth bomber, also a flying wing.

Company executives, representatives of local elected officials, and family, friends and colleagues will join in honoring Huben for his service.

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