Monday, June 15, 2009

Raytheon's KillerBee® Unmanned Aircraft System Tests New Datalink

Raytheon's KillerBee® Unmanned Aircraft System Tests New Datalink
June 15, 2009

YUMA PROVING GROUNDS, Ariz., and PARIS, -- Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) tested a miniature common datalink that enables the KillerBee unmanned aircraft system to operate on an open network architecture.

"With a common datalink and an open architecture system, KillerBee can communicate with any sensor or shooter on the network," said Bob Francois, Raytheon Missiles System's vice president of Advanced Missiles and Unmanned Systems. "This provides incredible flexibility, allowing the warfighter to share information with anyone who needs it."

The KillerBee UAS features a blended-wing aircraft body design. It also has systems for land or sea launch, recovery and ground control. The unique design of KillerBee enables growth for future payloads and additional mission capabilities.

During the test, KillerBee climbed to an altitude of 4,500 feet and relayed video to a ground station farther than 50 nautical miles (58.5 statute miles) away.

KillerBee is designed to provide the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force with a UAS for their respective Small Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Tier II missions. KillerBee has the ability to insert persistent reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition into the battlespace and is ideally suited for force protection in an expeditionary environment.

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