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Blazepoint offers Windows® XP Professional for Embedded Systems

Blazepoint offers Windows® XP Professional for Embedded Systems
September 9, 2009

Blazepoint is now able to offer specific products from its ndura RUGGED® range running the Windows® XP Professional for Embedded Systems platform. Running the Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems allows Blazepoint to minimize development time while offering an industry standard user interface and easy interconnectivity with other Microsoft applications and services.

The Windows Embedded is a family of operating systems that offer familiar tools and technologies for developers to quickly bring the next generation of smart, connected, service-oriented devices to market. Windows Embedded features enable interoperability with industry standards and Microsoft technologies, enabling connectivity to PCs, services, servers, and other devices.

When the supply of Windows XP Professional Operating System came to an end for general purpose devices since the middle of 2009, selecting an operating system for mobile computers became a real challenge. This in turn has made it increasingly difficult to find a familiar platform combined with a skilled hardware supplier that can help users meet both the technical challenges and the project requirements.

Microsoft Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems is a mature, stable product with excellent standards-based security, manageability, and reliability, excellent plug and play capabilities, easy-to-use user interface, and innovative support services. Deliver proven code on same OS you developed with.

Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems is technically and almost functionally identical to the standard version of Windows XP Professional used for general purpose computing devices, however with different licensing terms that are suitable for hardware such as rugged fixed form embedded devices. Offering this mature and robust operating system will allow continuity of service for specialised military and emergency services applications.

Microsoft Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems meets device manufacturer needs for an embedded operating system for a wide variety of embedded device designs. A significant factor in Blazepoint’s success is its understanding of the needs of the war fighter and the systems integrator by offering a highly flexible approach to developing the right solution. This combined with Blazepoint’s expertise in ruggedized solutions, should solve the problems many organisations have faced.

Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems lets the user take advantage of the many benefits of an operating system specifically designed for purpose whilst maintaining the full hardware and software support expected from the Microsoft Windows® XP environment, thus removing the need for heavy redevelopment costs on software currently running under a Microsoft Windows environment.

Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems is available for sale until December 2016, with product support continuing through April 2014. Microsoft’s support lifecycle is outlined in detail at

Blazepoint is exhibiting at the DSEi 2009 Exhibition at ExCeL London between 8th-11th September, on Stand 1488. The Microsoft Corporation will have a small team on hand throughout the duration of the show, to answer any questions.

About Blazepoint
Blazepoint is a privately owned UK based engineering company with over 20 years experience in the supply, installation and support of rugged computer hardware. It has provided rugged IT hardware into Army, Navy and Air Force programmes, including to N.A.T.O and to the UK’s BOWMAN, FALCON and TYPHOON programmes. Today, through a substantial investment in its engineering and technical facilities, Blazepoint boasts an impressive in-house product engineering capability with extensive experience in the areas of design, development, testing and manufacture of rugged computers and peripherals. Its products are controlled by UK export regulations, and are free of US export control regulations (ITAR).

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