Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chemring announces new ‘two-way’ remote-controlled initiation system at DSEi 09

Chemring announces new ‘two-way’ remote-controlled initiation system at DSEi 09
3 September 2009

At DSEi, 8-11 September, London, Chemring is announcing a significant innovation in the safety and security of explosives initiation which has been achieved by Chemring EOD Limited.

The Company has developed an explosives initiation system incorporating a two-way communication command and control system which includes a programmable time delay function.

The Time Answer Back System (TABS) enables the user both to remotely interrogate and re-programme remote firing units (RFU) after deployment.

The TABS will be on show on the Chemring Group Stand No 364.

From distances of typically several kilometres the user can safely interrogate the RFU from a radio-controlled transmitter to view the arming status, the battery voltage and circuit continuity. Importantly the two-way communication system allows the timer function to be remotely programmed to activate the RFU, stop the countdown or change to a new timing.

“TABS gives user complete control and ability to respond to changing circumstances on the ground” said Glenn Hopkinson Sales & Marketing Director.

TABS is a lightweight and compact system comprising a Transmitter Control Unit and up to 9 RFU’s, which can be initiated individually or collectively. An adaptor is available to enable initiation by shock tube. TABS offers the user flexibility of specifying a wide choice of VHF/UHF frequencies to suit local spectrum management issues. The RFUs use commercially available off-the-shelf batteries, removing the need for specialist charging equipment and thus simplifying logistic support.


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