Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Northrop Grumman Signs License Agreement for Chemical and Biological Detection Technology

Northrop Grumman Signs License Agreement for Chemical and Biological Detection Technology
September 16, 2009

LINTHICUM, Md. -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) and Syagen Technology have signed a product development and license agreement to further strengthen their collaboration in the development of the next generation of chemical biological mass
spectrometry instrumentation.

The multi-year agreement, funded by Northrop Grumman, will focus on the development of chemical and biological detection using mass
spectrometry, in mobile military operations where a ruggedized, field deployable instrument is required. The agreement includes the future development of a broad range of applications and environments requiring the high accuracy and sensitivity of Syagen's QitTof(TM) (Quadrapole Ion Trap Time of Flight) mass spectrometer.

The mass spectrometer is capable of monitoring, detecting, identifying and rapidly warning personnel of the presence of chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals, low vapor pressure and persistent chemicals, and the next generation of chemical threats.
Northrop Grumman will use Syagen's proprietary detection capability as a platform to engineer specialized solutions for the company's diverse federal government customer base.

"The evolving nature of chemical and biological detection applications for homeland security and national defense requires a new
generation of detection instrumentation," said Chuck Brinkman, vice president and general manager of the Advanced Concepts and Technologies Division for Northrop Grumman's Electronic Systems sector. "This agreement is part of our strategic thrust to gain competitive advantage through collaborations, while strengthening our position as a trusted business partner and global leader in detection solutions."

Dr. Jack Syage, founder of Syagen, added, "This agreement reflects the steadfast commitment of our two companies to continue
working toward the rapid advancement of chemical and biological detection technology. It creates the shortest path to market for both
companies, utilizing each organization's unique strengths."

Syagen Technology, Inc. is an analytical instrument company developing mass spectrometry products and technology for high-speed
molecular analysis in a broad range of chemical analysis applications, ranging from homeland security and defense, to the life sciences.
Syagen is a leader in developing innovative mass spectrometry products, including the Guardian(R) explosives trace detection portal for
personnel screening and the PhotoMate(R) line of atmospheric pressure photoionization sources sold through leading OEM manufacturers of
liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry instrumentation.

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